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Hard drive uninstall process

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It is important to consult a professional before uninstalling your hard drive:
MicroExpert is in no way responsible for physical damage to the computer equipment that might occur while uninstalling your hard drive. A standard case is used during this procedure. Should you find this process too complex, we recommend you to call upon the services of a professional, or choose our Emergency service.

  1. Shut down the system.
  2. Disconnect all wires.
  3. Put the case on a work surface top; a writing desk for example.
  4. Have the screws removed as shown on the figure.
Remove Screw
  1. Have the two panels (one on each side) removed by sliding them off as shown on the figure on the right..
Remove panel
  1. Place some paper sheets on your work surface to prevent scratches on the surface and to improve visibility (optional).
  2. You can topple the case over your working table.
  3. This step consists of localizing the defective hard drive. If you have more than one hard drive and you are not sure which one is defective, call upon a qualified person to determine which one is defective.
Locate the hard drive
  1. Pull out the IDE belt and the power cable (the one with 4 wires); try to withdraw the IDE belt by pulling it out as straight as possible in order to avoid folding the connector on the hard drive. The power cable connector may be hard to pull; you can help yourself by using a pair of clips of the kind long nose clips. Locate the screws that hold up your hard drive, and then unscrew them.
Pull out the IDE belt and the power cable
  1. You can now remove your hard drive.
Remove screw of hard drive
  1. 11. The next step is to find the necessary information on the hard drive tag, identification mark, model, serial number etc.
Hard Drive Western Digital

Hard Drive Uninstall Process  
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